the first party

Today I was reminded of a really great story. Or at least…I think it’s great. The story of my first college party. My first party, really. I didn’t drink or do anything crazy in high school. I lived my life by the rules, went to school, went home, maybe went to a football game here […]

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the untitled poem

I wrote this my senior year of high school for the end of the year poetry workshop we did in AP English Literature and Comp or Langugage and Comp, I honestly don’t remember anything besides the fact that it was one of my favorite classes in all four years there. English was the only class […]

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183 // The Boredom Challenge

Originally posted on Mindfump.:
Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | Bloglovin’ When does the sky become space? When does red become yellow? When does Wheet-a-bix become mush? When do cells become conscious? When does your belly button become a hideout for fluff? When do sounds become music? When does the metaphysical concept of…

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taco stuffed peppers

Apparently winter is coming or something like that, but I don’t have HBO so I don’t really care. I also still would not care if I did have HBO. My capacity to care and access to HBO have nothing to do with each other. They are both mutually exclusive and inherently tied together at the […]

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off topic

I promised stripper scientist a blog post and I know it’s been too long since I’ve delivered. I’ve made a handful of promises: “new blog coming!” “stay tuned!” only to leave you all hanging. It’s been 16 days since I posted faces. And, heads up, we’re about to go waaaaay off topic. My stats are […]

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some of you may have noticed that I deleted my previous post. It was a poem. It was a very sad poem. I wasn’t ready to share it. It wasn’t done. It still isn’t really done. But I’m giving it back to you. Because it’s raw and honest, because you will have a hard time […]

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