your boyfriend sucks

sorry, but he does. The ways in which your boyfriend sucks are endless, but here I will attempt to list several of the ways in which your boyfriend is unbearable. He expects too much of you. You don’t owe your boyfriend a damn thing. You are a free human with the right, the right, THE […]

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I want a broken heart.

Originally posted on James is Trying:
I want my heart to be broken. And I want it to hurt. That gnawing, empty, breath-taking heartbreak. You know the feeling, right? I definitely know it. I’ve spent my life relentlessly attempting to avoid it. It absolutely terrifies me. But in spite of my constant efforts, I’ve still…

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post-parental visitation

It’s Sunday afternoon, my parents just set off on their trek back to Virginia, and I am in my still mostly empty apartment. Only now I’m not wearing pants, and I own a couch. Read: I have graduated to writing blog posts from my living room couch instead of my living room floor. glorious. I […]

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pre-parental visitation

I had a couple of thoughts this morning as I have prepared for my parents’ visit. They are coming up from my homeland of Northern Virginia to help me establish my apartment as more of a home and less of a place I come to sleep at night. I have really great parents, I am […]

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confidence and courage

after 15 consecutive 17+ hour days, I have finally managed to turn my laptop back on and write a blog post. incredible. since we last spoke, a lot happened. I moved. I [officially] graduated college. I moved some more. I set up utilities. I received multiple pay checks. I went on a lot of adventures. […]

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seven dinners of hell.

I just consumed the meal I think they would feed you at a lower level of hell. if you think about how hell supposedly works, you would totally get a meal before entering the gates. The meal would be representative of the punishment you were about to receive for all eternity. It would go a […]

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body goals

earlier this morning I was scrolling through Instagram, when I saw a post of a woman I know in denim shorts and a bikini top. I thought to myself, “damn, she is body goals.” And gave it a like. then I caught myself. every time we yearn after someone else’s body, or some other characteristic […]

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