some of you may have noticed that I deleted my previous post. It was a poem. It was a very sad poem. I wasn’t ready to share it. It wasn’t done. It still isn’t really done. But I’m giving it back to you. Because it’s raw and honest, because you will have a hard time […]

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moscow mules

Apparently I am a significant sphere of influence in my office. This is surprising because everyone there is about 20-60 years my senior. That actually also makes my level of influence less surprising. They see me as an expert on all things “pop culture.” Yesterday, my pseudo-boss, his daughter, his secretary and I all went […]

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light bulbs

This has been bothering me for some time now. It’s been a recurring thought, gnawing away at my inner peace and tranquility. I hate it when people are blatantly wrong and won’t accept it. I think that’s a 20-something of the 2010’s thing. (millennials). The other day, David and I were driving to the store, […]

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some assembly required

Moving. It’s so exciting. It’s also a god damn headache. Finding the perfect place, signing the lease.  Packing, unpacking.  Buying new furniture, constructing new furniture.  That’s what I’ve spent most of my time doing these past few weeks. Buying furniture and tricking my friends into coming over “to hang out” when really I just need help deciphering picture instructions […]

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your boyfriend sucks

sorry, but he does. The ways in which your boyfriend sucks are endless, but here I will attempt to list several of the ways in which your boyfriend is unbearable. He expects too much of you. You don’t owe your boyfriend a damn thing. You are a free human with the right, the right, THE […]

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I want a broken heart.

Originally posted on James is Trying:
I want my heart to be broken. And I want it to hurt. That gnawing, empty, breath-taking heartbreak. You know the feeling, right? I definitely know it. I’ve spent my life relentlessly attempting to avoid it. It absolutely terrifies me. But in spite of my constant efforts, I’ve still…

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