change of plans

I have filed some kind of paperwork every day this week. This is what adulting feels like. I just know that this is it.

paperwork is surprisingly exhausting for something that largely contributes to the American obesity epidemic.

anyways, I am exhausted.

I have been go, go, going since mid-March and there’s no end in sight. I’ve started the rest of my life. This is it from here on out. I’m already out of breath.

but what’s really exhausting me, even more than making sure I’m filling out all my paperwork correctly, dotting the i’s, crossing my t’s…the last minute “change of plan.”

literally everything in my life has been one big change of plans lately.

for example, I planned on having cereal for breakfast but I learned my milk went bad after pouring out the last of my cereal and throwing the box in the trash. This was a particular travesty because I’m trying to refrain from spending money until my paycheck comes on Friday since my checking account is empty right now. Resourceful as I am, I remembered hearing that orange juice in cereal can be good.

whoever told me this is a goddamn liar.

I snapchatted the situation, because my misery should at least make someone else laugh. My homeslice Mr. America came through and sent me $5 for milk on Facebook out of pity. I tried to refuse it, he wasn’t having it. So I redeemed my $5 and decided I would buy tampons with it. I let Mr. America know he was paying the tampon tax.

after a quick realization that in all my hustle yesterday, I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning, I went and grabbed that (-$14.50, this isn’t going to work out, Brenda). Then I ran to Rite Aid (-$3.49) where a man failed to successfully purchase a gift card and the cashier didn’t know how to fix it. Since it was 8 am, no one was around to help.

which means you’re supposed to be a competent employee, Tom. Get it together, man.

Tom is great, though. He has seen me at my worst.

I finally got back, and immediately took off again for my shift at hospice, 9 am to 12 pm. Nothing major, I was just shadowing.

just kidding, change of plans!

upon my arrival I was informed that I would not be shadowing but instead, I would be pretty much on my own.


ever-ready, adaptable Haleigh came through, but I simply didn’t know what to do with myself for the first hour. It was painfully uncomfortable. I made it, though.

which means obviously something else had to go wrong. So I’m filling out visitation paperwork when my recruiter calls me.

“Hey Haleigh, it’s Hannah, did you get my email and voicemail?”

when they send you an email and a voicemail, it’s usually not good.

“oh, no, people have been trying to reach me all morning, sorry, what’s up?”

“so you know that meeting you have tomorrow afternoon?”


“it’s today.”


so now I have to meet with my future employer and my broker dealer today along with everyone else in the office at 4 pm. I found out at 10:45 am.

good thing I picked up my dry cleaning. (thank you Brenda, but I’m still not coming back, you thief.)



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