from home. 

I should probably let you know I’m still here.

So I’m writing a blog post from home, on my phone, waiting for my dad to ask “who the hell are you texting?!”

Can’t even do my cute little uncapitalized first sentence of the paragraph thing because my phone resists with much less emotion than the motivations for my stubborn nature. Yes, I am being bested by a cell phone.

I just wanted to share with you a fun fact I learned from my dad, as we switch from watching the Orioles game to the Capitals game. Hockey. Baseball. Hockey. Baseball. Sports, sports, sports.

Football season, I miss you.

Okay, fun fact:

“Dad, doesn’t Canada have a baseball team?” The maple leafs and capitals are having it out after an upset loss for the caps on Monday night.

“Yeah! Toronto Blue Jays. Montreal used to have a team, too!”

As it turns out, Montreal had a baseball team, and then they moved to America. But go big or go home, I suppose. The Montreal Expos moved to Washington, D.C. in 2005 to become the Washington Nationals.

So much for America’s favorite pastime, eh?

Thanks for your patience while I wait for access to my laptop. A new blog post is coming tomorrow, I promise.


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