40 thoughts

after a mere two days at work, I have an excessive amount of thoughts (40, to be exact):

  1. An hour commute to work is a godsend. An hour commute from work is Satan’s way of reminding you he is still alive and well.
  2. Timothy who?
  3. Look at all these adults, adulting so well, performing their jobs so confidently that you can’t tell if it’s a well adjusted facade or they really do just know what they’re doing.
  4. The girl at the front desk has a really easy job. I want her job instead of my job.
  5. My job is confusing and I never want to explain it to anyone ever.
  6. Part of my job is explaining my job to everyone I encounter.
  7. Shit.
  8. What should I wear tomorrow?
  9. The IT guy seems nice, he reminds me of my mom. Befriend the IT guy.
  10. Thanks for sending that atrocious picture of me out to the entire office, front desk girl. Real nice!
  11. How are there already so many emails in here?
  12. I’m scared to touch this laptop.
  13. Cool, I get an iPhone!
  14. What do you mean “all the calls on my phone are recorded?”
  15. I’m scared to touch this iPhone.
  16. No seriously, I don’t want it. You keep it.
  17. Am I listening?
  18. Who hired me?
  19. Remember that time when you did that thing that was completely unprofessional? Heh.
  20. Focus, Haleigh, focus.
  21. Look at that view, that is a great view.
  22. No, I don’t have any questions.
  23. Can you repeat that?
  24. *gulp*
  25. We are clearly almost done here but there is another hour and a half left before I am supposed to leave.
  26. They’re paying me for this, right?
  27. $23.00 for parking is criminal and someone needs to be arrested.
  28. Where’s my car…where’s my car…I hear my car…but I don’t see my car… *frantically pushing the lock button over and over again*
  29. Why is this parking garage so narrow?!
  30. *text* *text* *text* text* *text* *snapchat selfie* *text*
  31. Ugh. I wasn’t tired until the 5 PM traffic hit.
  32. When was the last time I blogged?
  33. I still haven’t made it to the gym.
  34. Looks like I’m going out for dinner. Again. Gym tomorrow night, then.
  35. Talking to my roommate is not as fun when I want to be asleep.
  36. It’s only 7:30, I cannot go to sleep.
  37. Oh my god, I spent so much money on NOTHING in the past two days.
  38. Thank god my parents love me.
  39. Who am I??? Where am I???
  40. No seriously, where is my car? I’m not doing this again.

I’ve actually really been loving training week at my job, don’t get me wrong.


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