body goals

earlier this morning I was scrolling through Instagram, when I saw a post of a woman I know in denim shorts and a bikini top.

I thought to myself, “damn, she is body goals.” And gave it a like.

then I caught myself.

every time we yearn after someone else’s body, or some other characteristic about them, we should consider that perhaps there is someone yearning after our own.

I don’t care whether you are 95 pounds or 350…you have achieved something that someone else is desperately trying to achieve. There is something about you that someone else wishes they had.

even beyond the physical, maybe you are the greatest listener on the planet, a gifted conversationalist. Or perhaps you have a heart of gold, you’re thoughtful and always know the perfect thing to do for someone who needs help. Maybe you are the most fun person in the world to hang out with.

so the next time you find that you are comparing yourself to others, lessening your own sense of self worth, remember that you also have wonderful qualities, both externally and internally, to offer to those around you.

much love.


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