so here is a proposal.

a call for suggestions.

an invitation to tell me.

what would you like to see me write about?

here’s what I’m thinking:

every day…or every other day…every few days…there’s a theme. or a series. or something.

for example:

Sundays can be recipe day.

Mondays I can tell you a ridiculous (but true!) story.

Wednesdays I can do something else.

Fridays…so on and so forth.

or I can do a Tuesday Thursday schedule.

if you want, I can try to post every day.

we will see how that goes. Blogs take me an hour to three hours to write, and as of now, my blogs are low structure, low maintenance, and I don’t have much on my plate yet.

some topics I am considering: recipes/baking/cooking, workouts, stories told in poor taste (lawl, sorry mom), general thoughts or advice, poetry/short stories/creative writing (ugh, fine, I will go back to being selective in my diction), adventures in budgeting (I do budget. poorly.), scary political opinions/current events (because I’m actually not an idiot bumbling through life), book reviews (because I’m starting to read again).

if there’s something in particular you really want to see, share with the group! or message me if you have the ability to do so.

also, thank you so much for reading my blog. my stats have been overwhelmingly positive. so much more than I ever expected.

thank you! enjoy this gif:


7 thoughts on “whatchuwannn

  1. Yes I’d like to vote for all of the above!
    I’m a fan of poor taste story time! And also recipes. And also poems. And also all of it. I would start with a twice or three times a week schedule and work your way up if you want to do daily posts. See how fewer posts fit into your schedule first before committing to one a day.
    Good luck!!!

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  2. I don’t think you should try to structure your posts or plan them too much ahead of time. I like to hear what you are thinking, sort of spur-of-the-moment. Or so it feels like that. If you feel like talking about recipes one day, great! If you want to cry about missing your kitty or your Grandmom, I’m with ya! If you have really horrible day, or a wonderful day, that would be interesting as well. Poetry — yours or your favorites of someone else. Basically, whatever moves you at the moment is what you should write about, imho.

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