post-parental visitation

It’s Sunday afternoon, my parents just set off on their trek back to Virginia, and I am in my still mostly empty apartment. Only now I’m not wearing pants, and I own a couch. Read: I have graduated to writing blog posts from my living room couch instead of my living room floor.


I already have a love/hate relationship with living alone – it’s something I will battle out with myself over the next 12 months, no doubt. I’m looking forward to the journey anyways.

it’s all so new and exciting.

If my life were an object, it would be the shiny vase in the middle of Target that countless moms scold their children not to touch because “you break it, you buy it.” My life is a fragile, shiny vase and I am the small child who managed to get it in her hands. My parents are yelling “BE DAMN CAREFUL WITH THAT VASE, YOUNG LADY.”

what happens next is only a test of time.

I got approved to finance some bar stools for my cute little apartment. That’s another bill to pay, better do it, too, or it’s a crack in my vase. Of course, I could always just turn the vase around and no one would notice. Get too many of those cracks, though, and you have a hard time hiding all the mistakes.

It’s like a face tattoo.

Don’t get a face tattoo. It’s like dropping the vase on the hard tile floor and expecting someone to want to buy the pieces and put flowers in them. Now, if you read this and go get a face tattoo, I am like your mother saying “don’t drop the vase” and you are the child who looks your mother in the eye and lets go. (you are an asshole, btw).

This is a really good metaphor.

So anyways, I’m working on building up better credit. My credit as is, is not awful, but there are things I don’t know that I probably should. Like:

When is my first student loan due? I forgot already.

How does one ‘pay’ a bill? I never really knew.

Is my budget feasible? I will probably never know for sure.

I’m trying. I’m trying really hard not to end up like most millennials. Arguably, I’m not really a millennial so much as the start of the post-millennials, but sociologists can’t agree on where to place the 95er’s and the whole thing is a disaster.


I’m trying not to be the twenty-something drowning in student loan debt, making every stupid financial decision in the book, unable to save and unable to spend. I don’t want to be that person. It’s really important that I am not that person. So I am creating budgets, making spreadsheets, researching IRA’s and 401-K’s and considering investing my loose change with Acorns, and honestly, it all seems outside of my pay grade. Seeing as my dad is a financial adviser, I should probably have a better grasp on these things. Everyone thinks that I know all these things like the back of my hand, but it’s not me they’re looking for. It’s my sister. She gets it.

I am learning.

But I’ll tell you what I see so far: people my age overspend. We are lazy, we would rather eat out than cook. Or we buy expensive things to cook. We go for gold when we should be settling for copper…or plastic…in our material belongings. We justify too many $10 indulgences.

I have spent over $1,000 just trying to move into this apartment. Buying mostly just necessities like plates, cups, bowls, kitchen tools, storage containers, furniture, getting cable and internet…living is expensive.

treat yo’ self is not a mantra anyone interested in saving money should be living by.

Culturally, it’s cool to overspend. It’s cool to pay too much for things you didn’t even need in the first place. I am so guilty of falling for this idea. But I think we can all agree when you get that $250 item for $30 instead, it feels really damn good. Overspending does not. So I’m a little confused as to why so many of us fall for it. You tell me:

When was the last time you treated yo’ self?

When was the last time you completely overpaid for something you didn’t really need?


Do you have a budget? Does it work for you? Do you often go over it?

Comment below!

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