I want a broken heart.

Powerful and important read from…well, someone named James.

James is Trying

I want my heart to be broken. And I want it to hurt. That gnawing, empty, breath-taking heartbreak. You know the feeling, right? I definitely know it. I’ve spent my life relentlessly attempting to avoid it. It absolutely terrifies me. But in spite of my constant efforts, I’ve still had my heart broken at least a few times.

My worst heartbreak was because of a girl. Obviously. We were in a relationship for 5 years. I asked her to marry me. She said yes. Everything was perfect. It was supposed to be a beautiful, happy ending. It wasn’t. At some point, she fell out of love with me and the relationship ended. My heart shattered. It hurt to wake up. It hurt to go to sleep. It hurt to breathe.

Another heartbreak came from losing a Muay Thai fight. After losing my first fight by a brutal, painful and embarrassing…

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