some of you may have noticed that I deleted my previous post. It was a poem. It was a very sad poem.

I wasn’t ready to share it. It wasn’t done. It still isn’t really done. But I’m giving it back to you. Because it’s raw and honest, because you will have a hard time following it, because it’s probably half decent.

So, without further ado, and with no more take-backs, I give you faces.

You are the first of many, a lost soul in the map we drew as we navigated and then surrendered to open seas. 

You are the countless arms, the hidden faces, forgotten names of blurred nights I barely remember.

You are the confusion of freshman parties, a whirlwind of laughter, crying, falling, kicking and screaming.
You are the smiles, the arguments, the blistered backs of summer beaches, and rubbing aloe in.
You are the campfire, unattended, the powder in bedrooms, the unsuccessful attempt to belong.
You are the broken dreams, the endless potential, the sweet, sweet summer love gone terribly wrong.
You are a silent whisper, the tree branches rustling their leaves, the birdsong carried in the wind.
You are the sleeping sloth, the empty bottles, the sleeping pills and the accused instigator.
But me, I am the common denominator.


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