You want to know about me? The best way to know about me is probably to read my blogs. I overshare on those quite a bit.

But I guess everyone can use a crash course in “getting to know” the writer.

So, my name is Haleigh. I live in the greater Philadelphia area. I’m a recent graduate of a nearby university, and I got hired by happy accident and now live here. At the spry age of 22, I battle with a chronic leg injury, and having previously been rather active in my teenage years, I struggle with that quite a bit. I found solace in accepting my body for what it is, and knowing that if I take care of it, it will do its best to take care of me, too. I’m transient, I don’t plan on living in Philadelphia forever. But while I am here, this blog documents a little of what I do, what I’m working on, and who I’m doing it all with.

And if and when I move, I’m sure this blog will still be there, documenting.

Why is my blog called Heaven and Haleigh?

It’s not a religious thing. When I started this blog in 2017, my life had a limited sense of direction. I had finished my degree, was working a job with an expiration date and was seeing a guy who also had an expiration date in my life. On top of that, my friends would all be moving away, either back to their hometowns or to new cities for work. After certain dates and times passed by, I wasn’t sure what my life was going to look like, so I decided that amid trying to “plan” life after college, I would start a blog about all the crazy misadventures along the way. It helped me live in the moment and I was able to celebrate the mishaps instead of thinking of them as negatives. I replaced the hellishness of uncertainty with something else. And so, Heaven and Haleigh. Because I really can be hell on two feet.